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Before you embark on such a trip, we would like to point out that there is such a facility on Netcells, available to you as a User, this can be connected to your site and it has quite a few advantages, such as:
- it is already there, free and ready-to-use, the upgrades are also free
- it takes and keeps payments in 3 major currencies - use any or all
- it is mainstream banking (RBSWorldPay), easy to use with any payment card
- it has built-in links to machine-translate all text
- any Text or Image in your User Zone can be turned into Product
- all Client Data entered and all Product info are managed in your User Zone
- as all the programming code is our own - it is easily modified, you can influence its evolution
- if you have a page on it gives you an additional global selling outlet
- by using it you contribute to the growth of our network, which benefits you, with all other Users
The commission taken from selling your Products/Services via the Netcells site is 20% after tax, the commission on selling your Products via your own site is negotiable - we will endeavour to make it as close as possible to the competing offerings, as long as you also make your Products available on Netcells.

If you do not want to go with our payment facility you need to open a merchant account with one of the existing providers, then get someone to implement it on your site. The high-end solutions typically charge a monthly payment whether you have sales or not. The low end solutions (PayPal etc) have no monthly fee but charge more per transaction.

Note that building an effective on-line sales mechanism involves much more than simply connecting a payment page to your site. It is important to have the means to manage the Product information and to have that information under your direct control. In brief, if you are starting with limited resources it makes sense to use the Netcells solution and then expand from there, if you are getting a high volume of sales.
updated on: 16 November 2009   copyright © 2019 Netcells Ltd
Note: this item is over a year old, Answers get less accurate with time... contact us, if in doubt