NetCells : mission & method

hello visitor, this is NetCells, 19 years on the Internet and counting.

our purpose in life is:

1. seeking out Creativity in all its forms and places

browse and search our Users creative content OR, if you consider yourself a creative person, show us what you do and, if we see it as compatible with the existing Users, we will show it on this site, without any obligation (on either side).

2. supporting our Users

our Users run their sites and manage all kind of data via User Zone - we help them with all aspects of their web presence. their web visibility is multiplied by selectively showing their content on their web sites AND on their Cell and Blog. hosting is an important, integral part of your web activity and that's why we run our own dedicated servers.

3. developing new software Functions for NetCells sites and our Users

our Users get what they would be most unlikely to obtain elsewhere = their own, purpose-built, functionality at no cost. this is because - as long as it is useful to our other Users - we will program it and simply add it to their existing User Interface (NUZ). in addition to that, we do, of course, help with their regular web development.

NetCells has 2 parts: Public (you are looking at it) and the User Zone (NUZ) - for managing User data of all kinds (published and unpublished). our software and web site hosting are exclusive to our Users. becoming a User is not automatic, but all enquiries are welcome.

if you find the above too abstract then here is the (partial) answer to a simple question you might be tempted to launch: what's NetCells FOR?
we occasionally update this page, the previous version is here. plus, there is plenty of further reading -- if you are into reading (and if you are not then you are in a wrong place, anyway). also, don't forget the Frequently Asked Questions...

to our understanding NetCells is fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)...