power to creative peoplE

23 Sep 2014 06:17
Netcells is a User network, established in London in the year 2000, which became a company four years later. Netcells.net is built and run by independent creative professionals for other independent creative professionals, the sole reason for its existence is to support individual creativity and independence worldwide.

Internet - that amazing technology which connects us all is also bringing the progressive concentration of power, crushing commercialism, creeping up crime, dumbing-down. for creative professionals the socio-economical changes that follow translate into loss of revenue, erosion of rights, confusion, alienation. we have no option but to confront those challenges, but doing so on your own could well prove futile. join up with people who understand what you are doing, who understand what they are doing and why.

if you are a creative professional, what we say to you is:
a. you need your own identity = your web site, to communicate and build traffic.
b. you need a secure and private place to keep, manage and add to your data.
c. you need your own tools that evolve at your own pace and your direction.
d. you need flexible support, not attached to any particular brand or system.

if you are not a creative professional, what we say to you is:
support us if you want the world in which creativity is something more than copying, applying filters, choosing between templates and waiting for next set of instructions from your software manufacturer.

whoever you are, we give you 2 tools to start and to cultivate your Internet presence:
1. your Cell   example
2. your Blog   example
use those 2 tools to publish and experiment with your data - they drive traffic to your site, which you manage from the very same, constantly evolving, Netcells User Zone.

if you would like to become a User - great! - but first, lets agree on a few things...