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Anyone logged as a User on Netcells can employ our system to share Links of value and interest, and, in doing so, promote their own web site(s) and activity.
The Links you add in your User Zone will appear simultaneously and selectively on:
-- your Cell (page on Netcells), if you have one
-- your site, if you have one on our server and this feature is activated
-- Netcells Links section, with its several categories
-- Netcells front page - if you set the Link to 'Propose for Deep'
-- DeepCyberspace site - if you set the Link to 'Propose for Deep' was set up in 2002 with the purpose of sharing and promoting sites relating to human creativity and deeper mental processes. The site was somewhat neglected in the recent years but, despite of this, it has built up a healthy traffic position. We are now re-developing the site, to greater benefit of the general public as well as our contributors.

Only truly interesting, thoughtful and original links should be 'Proposed for Deep', do not add your own site there, it will be listed anyway, along with your name or screen name.
Our Links are edited, unsuitable links will be blocked by Admin.

Adding Links in your User Zone is explained in FAQ#118.
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