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Stefan Hepner
design studio of my old, multi-talented friend from Paris, now quietly settled in Brooklyn, NY.
The Gift - short animation film
nice, clever and hugely successful 7'50'' animation from Chileans Julio Pot and Cecilia Baeriswyl
Jiwei Han
Beijing street photographer
Bruce Gilden
Canibaal Magazine
the fearsome literary magazine in Valencia, Spain, run by (Al)Chemist Ximo Rochera, with Jesús García Cívico (Aldo Alcota has been eaten). now in 7th issue continues to delight and inspire (in Spanish).
Talking Peace Fesival
Art, comedy, music, pop-up restaurants, peace hackathons..month-long festival by peacebuilding charity, International Alert.
Making humans a multiplanetary species
Elon Musk outlines his plans to take us to Mars
Two trillion galaxies
New estimates show the universe has two trillion galaxies...
El Ultimo Grito
Design duo Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo.
International Alert
Peacebuilding charity.
Can we make quantum technology work?
The IT revolution - How the quantum computer works and what it can do. Leo Kouwenhoven. TEDx Amsterdam
Understanding our brains
A theory about why some people are more creative and have the ability to think metaphorically
Visualising Eleven Dimensions
Thad Roberts on TEDx explaining his theory that space is quantized.
Quantum Biology
The rapidly evolving world of quantum biology and why it matters
high voltage power lines health effect = 0
combat pseudoscience and hysteria with Steven Salzberg - professor of Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, and Biostatistics, USA. contains links to statistical data from US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.
Felix Ros
Dutch interaction design engineer
Mag Culture
small design studio and shop in central London working for and distributing over 350 of independent magazines from around the world.
The Tempest (Sound Affairs) 2016 tour
Sound Affairs, renowned for staging strikingly innovative concerts and events featuring new music juxtaposed with cinema, theatre, dance and video for over two decades, present a new adaptation of The Tempest combining English music from the 17th and 18th centuries by Locke, Purcell and Linley the Younger with works by contemporary composers Michael Nyman and Charlie Barber. Enchanting magic lantern images are provided by visual artist Andrew Bolton.
Oriental Miscellany interview - Southampton blog
Jane Chapman, our Turner Sims Fellow and principal harpsichord tutor, has just released a new recording of the Oriental Miscellany (1789) – one of the earliest publications of Indian music in the West. Here she explains the project and talks with journalist Suanshu Khurana from the Indian Express (Delhi). Her disc went to number 14 in the Indian iTunes Classical Charts (SIGDC415).
Animated 4d Hypercube
Animated 4d hypercube,
How far is it from London?
Lovely map of Londoncentricity :-)
Why information can't be the basis of reality
Blog reacting to "The Information" by James Gleick (Pantheon 2011)
'Liquid' Part 2
A short extract from 'Liquid'...
Part 1 of a three screen video installation of the River Medway. The footage was filmed in realtime over the space of a month. It uses no effects whatsoever but with the occasional use stop motion.
short clip of video installation
An Artists Uprising Exhibition
An Artists Uprising Exhibition link
Intelligent Glass
UK company that manufactures and supplies the widest range of switchable glass & film products to the trade, since 2004.
Coop Himmelb(l)au
Austrian architecture studio COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, founded by Wolf D. Prix, is the origin of many interesting and inspiring projects.
Photomediations Machine
Photomediations Machine is a curated online space where the dynamic relations of mediation as performed in photography and other media can be encountered, experienced and engaged. Professor Joanna Zylinska, Goldsmiths, University of London.
Vivian Maier
long forgotten and miraculously resurrected amateur photographer, documenting 20th century America with her sharp European eye. Vivian Maier's (1926 – 2009) cache of 100,000 photographs has earned her a posthumous reputation as one of America’s most accomplished and insightful street photographers.
Calatrava's Milwaukee Art Museum
2001 project from Valencian neofuturist architect, creator of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències in Valencia.
King's College London
Jane Chapman Artist in Residence at King's College London (supported by the Leverhulme Trust), researches the 'Oriental Miscellany' from 1789 and other works from the Foyle Special Collections Library.
Paris Metro map
Paris metro is efficient, cheap and beautiful in places.
Paris Metro route finder
find precise route information - metro, bus, walking, also gives you the CO2 emissions for each mode of transport. In English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese. - online social change: easy to organize,
yes! democracy needs to be updated. but -- it will not be done as easily as you think. techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci has the news -- good and bad.
Alex Wissner TED talk about intelligence
Function of intelligence ? keep the maximum of options open.
Turner Sims Fellow at University of Southampton
Jane Chapman works with composers and harpsichordists initiating and taking part in new projects.
Trio Aporia
Three leading performers acclaimed for cutting-edge contemporary and pioneering early music performances, exploring new paths that cross boundaries and classification. Stephen Preston baroque flute, Richard Boothby viola da gamba.
MIT Tech Review - latest breakthrough technologies
10 breakthrough technologies of the 2013, according to MIT - include memory implants, additive manufacturing and supergrids - they got quite a few of them right. they do that every year, just change the date in the address.
Royal College of Music
Jane Chapman - harpsichord professor at RCM
Las exposiciones continuan hasta el 15 de julio en el Instituto Francés de Valencia, hasta el 31 de julio en la Galería La Mutante, hasta el 1 de septiembre en el MuVIM (Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad) y la Galería Punto y hasta el 9 d
Self Publish, Be Happy
Organisation founded with the aim of celebrating, studying and promoting self-published photo books.
Photomonth - East London Photography Festival
International Photography Festival based in East London
Roots Fm
Revival Radio Station
Lille based creative photo blog
Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris
Museum of Photography, Paris
Café de la Fontaine, Verlinghem
Traditional Northern French café, bar, with gallery and entertainment programme
Sounds and Silence - movie
A new film about ECM's Manfred Eicher, with Arvo Pärt, Dino Saluzzi, Jan Garbarek and others.
London based artist led photography workshops
Mimi The Clown
Lille based international street artist
Marian Bantjes
TED talk by a reformed graphic designer from Canada
open-source electronics prototyping platform
Evelyn Ficarra on the CNMAT website
Photos, scores and audio
poster designs from Geoffrey Dorne (FRA)
Techcrunch - about Flickr stock
info about selling images on Flickr
e-flux Journal
new online journal from NY art group e-flux
official site of the city, also in English and Spanish
city bicycles for hire, free for the first 30min (after the membership fee)
large photography collection and study centre in Antwerpen, Holland
Artists' group, Amsterdam
Jac Depczyk
Lithuanian photographers' association.
Martin Amis
Site about great British writer, born in 1949.
OFF_PRESS is a UK-based independent publishing house, promoting contemporary creative writing in English, with a special focus on translations, using multimedia and live events to celebrate reading and storytelling in different languages/genres around the world.
ZD News
general computer and IT industry news - useful and often entertaining
White Sparks Promotion - Fast High Quality Print
Flyers, leaflets, business cards, posters, brochures and all kinds of promotional print. Upload own artwork or design online. Fast, cost effective and high quality
The Rhoda Wilson Show
Weekly Talk Show on Ben TV
You're Beautiful, Woman!
Celebrating female beauty; inside and out!
Urban Dictionary
dictionary of urban slang and techno neologisms.
society for promoting new music
Leonel Moura
swarm painting, non-human art
Kilometer Zero
Parisian literary collective
Casey Reas
computer artist
Majora Carter at TED
Greening the ghetto - caution - this is fast moving...
Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics
Organization for promoting the freedom of thought.
Sven's Space Place
space exploration technology and history from Sven, Sweden.
on-line reference and other php info
mashing up the physical and digital worlds for culture and learning. digital creatures are no longer there, but still a very interesting site.
Black Sifichi
American DJ and poet in Paris
The brain in love
Romantic love is one of the most powerful and addictive substances on earth and we will die for it, says Dr Helen Fisher PhD in this TED talk, which looks at the neuroscience behind our romantic longings.
String theory explained
Physicist Brian Greene explains superstring theory in 20 minutes. Seeking a unified answer to the question, "What is it that makes up every particle and force in our universe?" String theory postulates the answer is tiny strands of energy vibrating in ten dimensions of space and one dimension of time. Thus moving us beyond our 3d view and changing our perception of who we are and how our reality works.
Albert Einstein
Documentary with Michio Kaku
Superstudio Background
Background into Superstudio, radical architectural movement in Italy late 1960s.
Superstudio Documentary
Trailer - Superstudio o La Mossa del covallo (2009) - avante garde architectural movement which arose out of Italy in the late 1960s
Airbnb disaster response
Activated when there is a crisis or emergency
Just because it isn't happening here doesn't mean
Facebook campaign page.
Photos from the opening night.
Tim Barber
some available solo albums
Various discs available to download
Indian Express: Oriental Miscellany article
Interview with Jane Chapman about the Oriental Miscellany and background to the recording and her life as a musician.
Jane Chapman Rocks the Harpsichord
Interview for the Wall Street Journal