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Quantum Biology
The rapidly evolving world of quantum biology and why it matters
'Liquid' Part 2
A short extract from 'Liquid'...
An Artists Uprising Exhibition
An Artists Uprising Exhibition link
short clip of video installation
Trio Aporia
Three leading performers acclaimed for cutting-edge contemporary and pioneering early music performances, exploring new paths that cross boundaries and classification. Stephen Preston baroque flute, Richard Boothby viola da gamba.
Las exposiciones continuan hasta el 15 de julio en el Instituto Francés de Valencia, hasta el 31 de julio en la Galería La Mutante, hasta el 1 de septiembre en el MuVIM (Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad) y la Galería Punto y hasta el 9 d
Royal College of Music
Jane Chapman - harpsichord professor at RCM
Tanzo- Go Travel
Coach and rail weekend breaks, UK and European coach hoidays, air holidays, hotels, theatre tickets
Photomonth - East London Photography Festival
International Photography Festival based in East London
Roots Fm
Revival Radio Station
enchanted doll
a short story called “Enchanted Doll”, where a young woman creates dolls with so much love
Panos Pictures
London based photo agency specialising in global social issues.
Lille based creative photo blog
Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris
Museum of Photography, Paris
Mimi The Clown
Lille based international street artist
Jolyon Dupuy
OneOffkisses on Facebook
official Facebook page
animation and character creation
Artists' group, Amsterdam
You're Beautiful, Woman!
Celebrating female beauty; inside and out!
poster designs from Geoffrey Dorne (FRA)
Polish deConstruction
organizing Polish artists and designers in UK
Birgit Busch
watercolour artist in Bavaria, Germany
The Rhoda Wilson Show
Weekly Talk Show on Ben TV
city bicycles for hire, free for the first 30min (after the membership fee)
Kinetica Museum
new high-tech exhibit space in London, shows, events, discussions
on-line reference and other php info
Jac Depczyk