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Any Netcells User can be contacted via a SecureMessage form, on the User's Netcells page (Cell) as well as Blog, and this form can also can be found searching for the User on our Contact page.
The User's email is not shown on the form, unless he/she so chooses.
If a mistake is made the form returns the data entered, the Email address is checked for correct syntax (although not whether it's a live or dead one).

The Contact form data are transmitted via secure (HTTPS) connection and logged directly into the database.
However, note that by default Contact messages are sent as ordinary email, UNLESS the SecureMessage option is ticked, which means Users do not have to log in to their User Zone (NUZ) in order to read the message.

All messages are logged in your User Zone, where you can keep them indefinitely.
A copy is forwarded to the Sender, either as the entire message, or, if Secure, just the date and the Subject line.
The sender's email shows as the return address in the message, so you can reply with one click from your local mail program (that will, of course, reveal your email address).
You can also reply from NUZ>Comms>Messages and still keep your email secret (we must note here that a few providers - AOL is one example - try to block email sent by a server software - those are factors beyond our control - you need to contact them or use your local machine email program in such cases).

Note that you will not know about your messages unless the Email stored in your NUZ is valid. If you want to keep your email address confidential (you should, to limit spam), leave Email field blank and put your email into Email2 field in NUZ > Account > Profile

The SecureMessage function can be added to any site, via a simple link.

NUZ (Netcells User Zone) is accessible via secure connection on:
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